Cemetery Charges and Regulations

Tavistock Town Council welcomes all visitors to our cemeteries in Tavistock and asks that visitors respect the peace and dignity of our facilities as well as other users. These are communal spaces for quiet reflection and remembering our loved ones.


We would ask all visitors to the Cemetery to make themselves familiar with all of the rules and regulations. Through our rules and regulations we aim to provide a balance between individual rights/information and the need to regulate for a safe, tidy and dignified environment with respect for the bereaved, visitors to the cemetery as well as its historic character.

Please do contact the Town Council if there is any aspect you require further information on.

We thank you in advance for your consideration.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations 


The Council is responsible for managing the Plymouth Road Cemetery and the associated setting of fees and charges. Each year fees and charges are reviewed by the Town Council allowing them to set an appropriate and fair charge for its services. Any increase in charges is to ensure that people who use these facilities are charged fairly, while still covering the costs of maintaining them, and to help mitigate any council tax subsidy.

For a full list of our current charges for Plymouth Road Cemetery, please click on the link below.

Burial Charges 2022-2023