Goose Fair 2023

The Town Council is pleased to confirm Tavistock Goose Fair will return this year on Wednesday 11th October.

We are excited to be able to once again organise this longstanding annual event and look forward to welcoming back visitors and exhibitors alike.

Provisional Timings for Fairground Opening Hours - Bedford Car Park (organised and to be confirmed by WDBC) 

Tuesday 10th October 2023 - Grand Opening by the Mayor of Tavistock at 6.15pm at The Dodgems

Wednesday 11th October 2023 - Open from 10.00am until 9.00pm/10.00pm

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th October 2023 – Open from 6.00pm until 9.30pm/10.00pm

Saturday 14th October 2023 – Open from 2.00pm until 9.30pm/10.00pm

Maps - the following links will be updated in the coming months for Goose Fair 2023

Location of stalls - Zone 1 & 2 (Bedford Square)

Location of stalls - Zone 3 (The Quay)

Location of stalls - Zone 4 (Chapel Street)

Location of stalls - Zone 5 (Alexander Centre)

Map to show First Aid Points, Toilets and Water Refill Stations

Pannier Market Fire Service Response Route - Zones 1 - 3

Pedestrian Evacuation Points - Zones 1, 2 & 3

Pedestrian Evacuation points - Zone 3, 4 & 6 (Garden Lane)

Pedestrian Evacuation Points - Zones 4 & 5

Emergency vehicle turning area and emergency access entrance point

Tavistock Goose Fair Traffic Management Plan (V2)

Tavistock Town Council Goose Fair Safety Plan (V2)

Temporary Traffic Order 

Other Information

Signs and barriers will be in place where necessary and council officers will be monitoring the event throughout the day to ensure it runs smoothly and safely.

West Devon Borough Council's waste contractor, FCC Environment, along with WDBC staff will be back in town from 2am on Thursday to carry out a major clean up operation.

They will work throughout the early hours collecting rubbish in an effort to make the streets presentable by the time residents start their day.

For more information please visit West Devon Borough Council Website.

Alternatively, call 01822 813600 or email [email protected] for taxi rank queries and [email protected] for car park queries.