The Mayor

The Chairman of Tavistock Town Council is the Town Mayor, who presides over Council Meetings and represents Tavistock at Civic and other events.
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by the Town Council at the Annual Meeting in May each year. 
At the Annual Meeting of Council on 10th May 2022 Councillor P Ward was elected Mayor for the 2022-23 Civic Year.
Councillor Ward was previously Tavistock Town Mayor for the 2018-19 Civic Year.
At the Council Meeting on 3rd January 2023 Councillor A Hutton was elected Deputy Mayor for the remainder of the 2022-23 Civic Year, following the resignation of former Councillor J Ellis.
Below is a link to the Mayoral events for the Civic Year
Mayor's Events 2022-2023
Mayor's Events 2021-2022
Mayor's Events 2020-2021
The Mayor's Charity for the 2022-2023 Civic Year will be 'Make a Difference' in Tavistock, a mental health charity providing support and friendship in our community.
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor can be invited to functions and events in and around the town.
Attendance forms can be downloaded below, use the word version to complete on your computer and send back to us via e-mail, or, print off the PDF version to complete by hand.  
Attendance Form - Mayor (Word)

Attendance Form - Mayor (PDF)

Attendance Form - Deputy Mayor (Word)

Attendance Form - Deputy Mayor (PDF)

For enquiries regarding the booking of the Mayor for an event, or for a version of the booking form to complete and return by post, please Contact Us.