Civic Activities and Events

The Council and its Members have a central role in several other civic duties, activities and events in the town, these are:

Council Management and Administration

The Council has a duty to host an Annual Town Meeting, plus an Annual Meeting of Council and at least three other meetings in each Civic Year. There is a duty to take Minutes, and these are open to inspection by any elector of the town.

Planning and Development Consultation

The Town Council has the right to be notified of any planning or development application made within the town, and the right to comment to the Planning Authority on the matter. The Council is thus an integral part of the development control process through the three-weekly meetings of the Plans Committee.

Representation on External Bodies

Councillors are deputed by full Council to represent them on some 28 bodies and organisations in the town.

Civic Focus and Activities:

  • Churches - Tavistock civic parish encompasses two Anglican Church parishes, (Whitchurch and Tavistock), each with its own Parish Church. Close ties are kept with both vicars, grants are made to assist in the Whitchurch churchyard upkeep and the Town Council maintains the Tavistock Parish Churchyard. Links are kept with churches of other denominations by their clergy being invited to lead the Council in quiet reflection before each Council Meeting.
  • Schools - The duty to appoint a governor to local primary schools ended in 2003. However, the Town Council takes every opportunity to involve the young people of the town in civic activities.


The town has formal twinning links with Pontivy (France) and Celle (Germany). There is a flourishing Twinning Association in Tavistock. Reciprocal exchange visits are made and school exchanges fostered and encouraged. Find out more on the Tavistock Twinning Association Facebook page.

Town Museum

The Museum, located in the Court Gate building, was operated by the Tavistock and District Local History Society, but is now a separate independent charity. The Council raises no charges for the occupation of the building and provides a grant towards the costs of utilities.

Town Bands

The Council gives support to local bands and makes grants in recognition of their musical contribution to the town and their work in encouraging young people to learn to play a musical instrument.

Agency Management of Bedford Square

Acting as the agents of Devon County Council, the Town Council took on the task of managing the bookings for Bedford Square from 4th January 2000.

The Civic Service

The Civic Service is held between September-November each year. This year's Civic Service is on Sunday 7th November, 2021 in St Eustachius' Church, followed by a reception in the Town Hall.

The Civic Ball

The Civic Ball is held in Tavistock Town Hall between March-April each year,  next year's Civic Ball will to be held on Friday 8th April, 2022.  Application for tickets for the Civic Ball are by invitation, however if you would like to receive an invitation to apply for tickets, please Contact Us.

Grants Presentation Evening

The Grants Presentation Evening is held every year to award local organisations grants to support local causes. In 2020 the Grants Presentation Evening did not take place. Grants for  2020 were made available through the Coronavirus Health Emergency Social Fund.  No regular Grants will be available until late 2021.   Go to our Grants page to find out more. 

Remembrance Sunday

Last year's Remembrance Service was held at the War Memorial in the Guildhall Car Park on Sunday 10th November, 2019.  Due to COVID-19 there will be no regular event taking place in 2020.