Tree Inspection Tender - April 2024

Tavistock Town Council is inviting quotes from Arboriculturist’s with the relevant skills and specialist knowledge to conduct a formal inspection (negative reporting survey) of the trees owned and managed by the Town Council for the purpose of tree risk management and to inform a schedule of appropriate and necessary work. 
The Town Council owns and manages approximately 24 sites comprising area of public open space, play parks, moorland, cemeteries, allotments and car parks.  It is worth noting that several of our sites fall within the designated conservation area and that some of our trees have TPOs.
A tree inspection is undertaken biennially, the last survey was completed in 2022. The survey identified approximately 150 trees requiring management and in 2017, 250 trees.
The inspection undertaken should be a ground-level visual assessment of the exterior of the tree looking for:
1. Significant defects or hazards with the potential to cause injury or damage to persons or property in the coming twelve months.
2. Beneficial site management for nuisance and/or damage occurring within three years. This may include but not limited to, tree growth in contact with structures, severance of heavy ivy growth to aid in future visual tree assessments or to reduce load carrying capacity of trees and/or planting after care.  The tree inspection should also identify any over-looked tree maintenance issues e.g. removal of tree stakes, guards and ties. 
3. Statutory management to obtain sufficient clearances above public highways or tree growth that is in contact with overhead telecoms or public lighting and/or signage.
4. Damage to Town Council trees such as suspected drilling and/or poisoning, unauthorised pruning, tipping on roots and/or animal damage.
5. Any obvious pests and diseases that may be present at the time of the inspection. 
There are four trees of interest under the Town Council’s ownership that require a health and condition survey, one of which has veteran status. In your quotation please itemise the costs associated for each of the respective four trees. 
  • Honour Oak Tag 0707 (Veteran), Oak Tree Lane / Whitchurch Road
  • Ailanthus Tag 0099 (Tree of Heaven), Betsy Grimbal’s Tower, Plymouth Road
  • Red Oak Tag 544 (drilled & poisoned in 2023), Plymouth Road Cemetery 
  • Spruce Tag 1001 (drilled & poisoned in 2023) Plymouth Road Cemetery 
Further detailed investigation e.g. aerial inspection should only be undertaken in agreement with Tavistock Town Council and does not form part of this quote.  
The inspection must be undertaken using a recognised risk methodology (of which must be made clear in your submission). The schedule must include the following information and be presented on an Excel spreadsheet or suitable alternative format agreed at the pre-contract start meeting:
1. Tree ID
2. Accurate Location 
3. Number (if in a group)
4. Species (botanical and common) 
5. Age
6. Height (m)
7. Diameter (mm)
8. Crown spread (m)
9. Physiological and Structural condition 
10. PRF Identified 
11. Recommended Action (please consider biodiversity in your recommendations) 
12. Work Priority Timescale (months)
13. Inspection Frequency 
14. Risk Level
15. Photos 
Trees of high amenity value, requiring management/work or a watching brief, must be provided with a unique tree identification number and their location noted on the TTC maps the successful tenderer will be provided with. You should allow for the placing of required tags within your quotation. The Town Council specify the use of Aluminium Tree Tags. 
The Tree Inspection should help the Town Council assess the scale of the impact of Ash Dieback by establishing an approx. figure for how many ash trees are in the areas owned and/or managed by the Town Council.  All ash trees infected with ADB must be plotted on the site map and specific information about that tree recorded. A recognised model for assessing ASB (i.e. The Tree Council) must be used and specified within your findings to the Town Council. 
As part of your tender submission you must provide evidence of your professional indemnity and public liability insurance together with relevant qualifications to undertake an Arboculturitst inspection and membership of any professional bodies, along with previous experience.  
The deadline for receipt of formal written (email is not acceptable) quotes is 12 noon Friday 24th May 2024
The Town Council intend to let the work by the end of May, the inspection is to be undertaken and completed for return (full submission) to the Works Manager by 5pm Friday 23rd August 2024. Please note any trees with an immediate work priority should be notified to the Works Manager by email within one week of the respective inspection date. If you are unable to commit to these timeframes we would kindly ask that you do not tender for the works on this occasion. 
The contract will be awarded on the basis of best value and not necessarily the lowest price.  The estimated value of the contract is between £4,500 - £7,000. 
If you are interested in tendering for the Town Council’s 2024 Tree Inspection, please submit your quotation in writing in a sealed envelope marked: 
The Proper Officer, Tavistock Town Council, Town Council Offices, Drake Road, TAVISTOCK, Devon, PL19 0AU.
For further information please contact Becky Rowe on 01822 616134 or via email [email protected]
Note – prospective tenderers are prohibited from contacting staff or councillors to canvass or encourage support for their tender outside of the prescribed process.

For further information please click the link below:

Letter to Tenderers’

  1. Abbey Rise Embankment PL19 9AS
  2. Abbotsfield (open space areas at front and at rear of property) PL19 8EZ
  3. Bannawell Park PL19 0DN
  4. Betsy Grimbal’s Tower, Plymouth Road PL19 8BB
  5. Bishopsmead Park PL19 9DN
  6. Butcher Park Allotments PL19 0ER
  7. Celle Gardens PL19 0HH
  8. Courtlands Park PL19 0EZ
  9. Dolvin Road Cemetery PL19 9EA
  10. Guildhall Car Park PL19 0AE
  11. Market Road Cottages PL19 0AL
  12. Market Road Riverbank PL19 0AL
  13. Mount Tavy Embankment / Old Railway Bank (adjacent to Dolvin Road Cemetery) PL19 9LA
  14. Pixon Lane Open Space PL19 9AZ
  15. Plantations (opposite Dolvin Road Cemetery) PL19 9EA
  16. Plymouth Road Cemetery PL19 8BY
  17. Tavy Gardens PL19 9JB
  18. The Meadows Park PL19 8SP - Play Park and Surrounding Area, Mrs Wedds Meadow, Abbey Walk and St Johns Walk
  19. The Works Depot, Westbridge Industrial Estate PL19 8DE
  20. West Street Cut PL19 8AN
  21. Whitchurch Down (selected areas) PL19 9AQ
  22. Whitchurch Park PL19 9PS
  23. Whitchurch Road / Oak Tree Lane PL19 9BE