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Tavistock Townscape Heritage Initiative Evaluation Report

Tavistock wins the lottery!

£1m grant to boost historic townscape

The historic core of Tavistock is to be rejuvenated over the next five years to help boost the town’s economy thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant of nearly £1 million.

The money will help to pay for renovation and repairs to the Pannier Market roof, bring the Butchers' Hall back into long term use, upgrade public areas in the town centre and provide grants for property owners to rejuvenate premises in the King Street, Market Street and West Street areas.

Over the next five years the aims of the THI project are to:

  • Repair the external elements of many of the town's historic buildings
  • Re-instate missing architectural detail and remove insensitive alterations
  • Return vacant floor space to productive use
  • Enhance the quality of the public realm (eg. Guildhall car park, Market St and the perimeter areas of the Pannier Market)
  • Provide a worthy setting for the unique ensemble of civic buildings in the town centre
  • Create a townscape which will attract more shoppers and visitors
  • Raise awareness among residents of the World Heritage Site and the town’s heritage

The successful bid to the Townscape Heritage Initiative Scheme is national recognition of the architectural importance of Tavistock and a significant achievement as Tavistock is one of the only towns in the South West to win this level of funding.

The first properties that are to be restored are the properties on Market street and the Butchers' Hall, which will have a new roof allowing it to be put back into active use.

2 Market Street

Butchers Hall Roof

It is an exciting time for Tavistock. The successful submission to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s (HLF) Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) programme was produced by the Tavistock Townscape Heritage Partnership (TTHP), which includes West Devon Borough Council, Tavistock Town Council, Devon County Council, community organisations and local businesses. You can read the successful Stage 2 Submission and Action Plan below.

Stage 2 Submission and Action Plan - Section 1  

Stage 2 Submission and Action Plan - Section 2

Stage 2 Submission and Action Plan - Section 3

Stage 2 Submission and Action Plan - Section 4


The town centre of Tavistock is a Conservation Area and World Heritage Site (part of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape WHS) with many of its buildings having significant heritage value. The Tavistock Conservation Area was designated on 16th May 1969 to include the town centre and various historic streets which radiate from it. Two separate areas of Bedford Cottages, at Fitzford and Westbridge, were also included. Following a detailed review in July 2008, a revised and extended Conservation Area boundary was designated on 9 March 2010. In part, the revisions reflected the more generous World Heritage Site boundary.

Tavistock Conservation Area Revision

Tavistock Conservation Area Management Plan

As part of Tavistock's HLF Bid, a Public Realm Strategy and Action Plan for Tavistock was prepared as part of the Stage 2 Bid process. This document details Tavistock's strengths and weaknesses in relation to heritage and provides some ideas for improvement. Download the Public Realm Strategy documents below.

Tavistock Public Realm Strategy - Part 1

Tavistock Public Realm Strategy - Part 2

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