Grants Presentation Evening

Tavistock Town Council held the annual Grants Presentation Evening at Tavistock Town Hall yesterday. Twenty local charities and community groups were awarded a grant and the evening was spent networking and hearing about the wonderful work the organisations provide within the Town.
Grants were awarded to the following organisations;
Citizen's Advice
Tavi Fringe
Tavistock Carers' Support Group
Debt Advice Tavistock Area (DATA)
Tavistock Library
Tavistock Area Support Services (TASS)
Tavistock Cricket Club
Make a Difference
The Mary Budding Trust
Catalyst (Tavistock)
Junior Life Skills
Tavistock Scrapstore
West Devon Community Voluntary Service
Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team in Tavistock
West Devon Autistic Women's Group
The New Tavistock Youth Café
Tavistock Amateur Boxing Club
The Lions Club of Tavistock
Tavistock Heritage Trust
Tavistock Town Mayor Andy Hutton said ‘It’s a great delight to give grants to so many deserving Tavistock good causes. I know they will use the money well.
Going forward, the Council is in the process of making applying for grants easier, particularly for small amounts, so in October this year when the Grant Application period opens, I hope more groups will consider applying.’
Tavistock Town Council has the power to give financial help to local organisations to assist them to achieve their aims and purposes. The Council has a policy of only assisting truly local community groups, and this is interpreted to mean those organisations based in Tavistock, or national bodies with an independent branch in Tavistock.
The 2024 Grant application period will start on 1st October 2024, with applications required no later than 1st November 2024. Successful applicants will receive their Grants in Spring 2025. More information will be posted on the Council's website in September.
TTC Community Grants Presentation
Grants presentation Evening